Real Estate and SEO?

Real Estate and SEO?

One of the areas we see a lot of lackluster SEO performance is in the Real Estate niche. Why is it that realtors, people who are known for their marketing prowess, seem to struggle when it comes to the digital world? Why is it that so many realtors are turning to digital marketers to do their work for them? And how does this position us as digital marketers to take advantage of the situation and help them out? Here are a couple examples of digital marketing agencies that already do realtor specific work:

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And of course, no blog post would be complete without the requisite Youtube video on the subject!

Why Is Real Estate SEO Different?

So what makes real estate seo different than regular seo? To begin with, it is heavily focused on location. This means that it isn’t nearly as important for many realtors to show up in the traditional serps. In fact, the chances that a realtor based in Los Angeles is going to make a sale to a buyer located in New Hampshire is slim to none. This is why when you approach real estate seo it doesn’t make sense to focus as much on popping in the general serps. Instead, your goal should be to show up for long tail keywords in a specific local area.

Many realtors and real estate agents don’t understand this basic SEO terminology, so if you have a real estate client it is a big deal to teach them this stuff. Taking the time to ask them about what they know about SEO and explain what long tail keywords are is important.

From there you want to focus your link building and citation building on local areas. Getting them to choose a specific office to work out of that is based in the same area that they are trying to target is a must.

If they don’t have an office or a physical location, it is going to be a lot harder to grab one of the coveted spots in the map pack, which should be the focus of any local SEO effort.

How Do You Price Real Estate SEO?

Another difference is pricing. While many digital marketers are going to still do a flat rate on a monthly basis, with something like real estate where a sale is worth so much money, it can make sense to also factor in a percentage from online sales. Many realtors will like this as well, because they know you are going to be highly motivated to get their listings sold. It can be a win win for both parties and doesn’t have to be a ludicrous number. Even a few percent on top of a pre-arranged monthly fee can go a long way if they are selling a million dollar home and you are good at SEO!

What are your thoughts on real estate SEO and how it is different from regular SEO? How do you run pricing for your clients?

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