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Fewer Google Image Boxes?

Fewer Google Image Boxes?

Search Engine Land just published an awesome article on Google displaying fewer image boxes in it’s search results. What does this mean for digital marketers and is there a way that we can use this to our advantage?

Well, we all know how much Facebook and the other social media channels value their images and videos more than anything else. So it definitely does not make sense to ignore images in your online strategy. But we think there are some hidden opportunities with this change in the search results that crafty marketers can take advantage of.

While it may take a little bit more work, taking the time to put together well written and well though out articles may be the way to go. Now, you have an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of a topic and get a large body of content more visible to readers. With less images being displayed, the top results are going to be more frequently authoritative resources in the different niches.

This will be strange at first but again, carries a lot of opportunity! If you take advantage of the changes and get ahead of the curve you can make sure that the content you are producing is of a much higher quality than your competitors and use it to move yourself above them and make yourself more visible.

The other red flag here is the obvious turbulence taking place in the Google world. If there are this many changes going on, we can be sure that there are some updates on the way. We saw big local search results recently and the more that takes place on this level the more it means that things are shifting in algorithms. While we will have to wait and see if there are any official big changes, all the signs indicate that something is happening and it will behoove you to stay on the forefront of whatever it is!