Every digital marketer knows how difficult it is to collect all of the newest information in the industry. And to stay effective, that’s exactly what has to be done! That’s why we created The Extreme Marketing Hunter. We hunt out all of the newest and best marketing info on the web so that we can be the most useful, one stop shop for everything related to digital marketing. Whether you are into social media marketing, affiliate marketing or any other type of online network strategy, we take all the hard work out of finding the best information on the web. This way you never have to worry about staying current and you can instead focus on doing what you do best – marketing!

Our blog is where you’re going to find most of the useful info and we will constantly be updating it with relevant topics and powerful tips that you can take and use right then and there. Our goal is to only provide actionable insight and advice. Occasionally some opinions might be thrown in but they will only come from our experience in the digital marketing world!

The more you want to learn, the more we’re going to post. So please feel free to leave comments, give insight and let us know the kind of content that you want to see on the site. The more input that we have from our readers, the better we are going to be able to serve and help you guys out!

As much as possible, we will be updating with any changes that take place on the different marketing channels. This includes but is not limited to Google, AdWords, Facebook, etc.

So whether your keyword planner is working or not (we get it – frustrating!) you can count on us to provide the best tips and tricks to step your technical knowledge up to first place in the world of digital marketing.

Let the extreme marketing hunt begin!

We are currently working on building out location specific pages as well! Here is our current list:

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